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Frequently Asked Questions on Piper Banquets

 Event Policies and Info

Even though our web site is very informative,
I still am asked certain questions when planning an event.
Besides being
“AS SIMPLE AS IT GETS” to plan, we are

First of all -WE HAVE NO ROOM RENTAL CHARGES. But we do have minimums on Friday and Saturday nights that need to be met. If parties are booked within 30 days, the minimum number of guests is waived.  
Next let’s take a look at the number of guests you have attending. We can seat up to 135 in our Pier Room facility.Our Loft is adequate for 36 or less. For any group of 20 or more, we ask that you use our banquet menus when planning. Groups under 20 may order directly off the restaurant menu, and reservations may be made by calling 616-335-5866.  
    For both rooms, we do the set up and clean up for your event. We provide the tablecloths and napkins. You have a choice of either white or black napkins in the Pier Room and white or burgundy in the Loft. If you wish to have another color, we can arrange that for a small additional cost.  
      In the Loft, you may have appetizers on arrival with cocktails being served. We cannot do a buffet in the Loft, so you will make your selections from the Plated Banquet Menu.  
        In the Pier Room, we use all the menu options. Choose from our Plated, Buffet or Grazing Menus. The Pier Room has it’s own bar facility, sliders to a patio, and a dance floor available to rent. You are welcome to come in prior to your event and decorate in any fashion you choose. The only limit we ask is that you don’t use tape or nails on the walls.  
          All of our menu prices include salads and dessert. A Buffet is a great option for events that want to offer a variety of food without having to get meal choices from the attending guests. On the Plated Menu, you have several meal options; and we ask that you choose two to offer. More than two dinner options come with an additional charge per person. If you are offering more than one dinner choice, you will need an RSVP list with meal choices. You can give me the list of your guest's names, their meal choice, and their table assignment; and we will then do a place card package for you at $25.00 per every 50 guests. The package includes: personalized place cards with meal choices, table numbers and a master seating list. We can customize these with your theme or color scheme.  
            The Grazing Menu accommodates an “open house” feel; a cocktail party atmosphere; and a socializing event to encourage people to mingle. There is not a place setting for everyone attending. This menu is an appetizer or finger-food menu and is not meant to replace a full meal.  
              The items on the Grazing Menu are labor intense, and in turn, carry a higher cost than some of the plated items. You can select several options from that menu depending on how many guests you have coming, how long you want to have food available, and to what extent you need to feed the guests. It’s a lovely ways to socialize, but it’s a fairly new concept to Hollanders and has to be thought out well. Some questions to ask yourself when considering the grazing options are: will my guests expect to be fed a full meal? Is the time frame of this party when most people eat a large meal? Do the guests attending prefer to locate a seat and stay put most of the night? These questions will help in deciding if a grazing is right for your occasion.  
                Our bar charges are done on an individual cocktail, beer, wine basis. We do not have a price per number of people. The Loft uses the restaurant bar and bartender, so there is not a service charge for the Loft. Individuals order drinks from the banquet staff. We can set up a wine/beer station so guests can help themselves and/or have bottles on the tables with dinner, etc.  
                  The Pier Room has it’s own bar facility which carries a $50 service and setup charge. We set up the bar and provide a bartender. We are flexible in how you would like to handle the bar charges. We can do a full cash bar, where your guests buy their own drinks; a hosted bar, which is where you pick up the cost of all the drinks; or a combination of the two.  
                    Let’s say you want to provide (host) beer and wine, but allow your guests to get a cocktail if they choose on their own (cash). We call this a combination bar. You would be charged for the beer and the wines served, and guests pay for each cocktail they purchase. 
                    We are proactive on the issue of underage drinking and over service, so we do card guests and hold the right to stop service of certain individuals if needed. We keep in mind the drive most people have in leaving the Piper, and want to be pro active on these issues.  
                      We have champagne available for celebrations and also many punch recipes.  
                        If you are bringing in a wedding cake or a birthday cake and do not need the dessert included in your meal costs, we will go ahead and cut and plate the cake for you at no charge. The Piper does not bake cakes for special occasions, so you have to secure an outside vendor. I do have a list of great referrals I can give you.  
                          Some of the pictures on our web site show long tablecloths and chair covers for upscale banquets. These are not from the Piper, but can be rented from several rental companies. I do have a list of those rental companies as well.If you need assistance in locating photographers, florists, bakers, musicians, DJ’s, bands, entertainment, etc., let me know, and I can provide these as well.  

                          I hope this helps in considering the Piper. We strive to make your event a memorable one,

                          while all along, making it “AS SIMPLE AS IT GETS” in planning the details.

                          To further aide your planning, see our Preferred Referral contacts.

                          Becky Tallman, Piper Event Coordinator

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