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 Piper Restaurant
Banquet Facility

2225 South Shore Drive
Macatawa, MI  49434
PH: 616-335-5866   FAX: 616-335-6797

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Piper Gift Cards

If you would like to purchase Piper Gift Cards,
CALL us at 616-335-5866, or FAX request to 616-335-6797, or

E-MAIL information to info@PiperRestaurant.com

and we'll send them right out to you or to the lucky person at the receiving end.

We do not take credit cards through our web site.

Gift cards are valid 5 years from date of purchase.

Gift Cards are also available Tuesday-Friday beginning at 9:30 a.m.
at the Piper office. (Also Mondays in summer.)
We are here some Monday mornings. Call to check.

Go to the Service Door (west of the main door), ring the buzzer,

and we'll release the door lock for you.

 Come on up the back stairway to the office on the 2nd floor.

Please provide the following information for ordering gift cards. 



Amount of Gift Card (Any amount: $50, $105, $14.87, etc.)

If we are sending to the receiver, would you like us to add a special note? (optional)

"Happy Anniversary!", "Have a great night out - we'll watch the kids!", "Thanks for Everything", "Happy Birthday!"


Credit Card ___Visa ___MasterCard ___Discover ___American Express

Credit Card # Expiration Date

Send Receipt to (if needed)


Business (if applicable)



State Zip

Work Phone(optional) Home or Cell Phone (optional)

Fax Number (optional)

E-Mail (optional)

MAILING INSTRUCTIONS - Mail Gift Card(s) to:


Business (if applicable)



State Zip

On Gift Card Envelope, To:____________________________________________________

From: ______________________________________________________________________

Special Note: ________________________________________________________________

Or Gift Card Folder (only with each individual $100 gift order)

Occasion ___________________________________

Feel free to print order form and either

Fax to: 616-335-6797 (Attention: Melodie) or

Mail to: Piper Restaurant, 2225 South Shore Dr., Macatawa, MI 49434 or

E-Mail: All relevant information to: Melodie@PiperRestaurant.com

Thank you.

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