A Good Run

Pat_and_Keaton_outsidePat Eldean is a determined business person. She has built Piper Restaurant with a running start, and if you know her well, youd say she never let up that intensity. Just after opening as the Sandpiper in 1985 her achievement received accolades in West Michigan Magazines Annual Restaurant Guide as the “Best New Restaurant.”

I counted all the restaurants mentioned in that annual issue, the other award winners, and paid advertisers. About 80% of them are gone. Some left their mark, most forgotten. I think Piper will be mentioned in the same breath as The Hatch, and even Point West. Pat brought a high standard of service and quality to the Holland Michigan area, the memory of which will not fade away anytime soon.

Striving For Excellence

Did you know Pat graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree in education?
that has ever worked for her will attest to her training persistence. Training her staff every night around the bar introduced the staff to new items and information for the evening. Every Friday that class would grow into something even grander, with taste tests, written tests, and guest speakers.
The chefs in the kitchen have been amazing and few. Ed Westerlund took the first command, and he continues his career in the test kitchen of Gordon Food Service and a family brewery, Macatawa Ale Company. Keaton Stearns has pulled the duty for the last 18 years, bringing his technical expertise and creative insight to the table at a relentlessly continual basis.
pizza_and_breadThese talents 
have been a mighty influence on all the cooks that they taught and trained inside their kitchen, extending Pats teaching philosophy even to the ends of the ovens. Because of all those that learned the right way to serve and cook in Pats elite “school”, Piper will never be brushed under the rug. It conducted business in a way that exemplified professionalism and the highest culinary standards.


Perks are the People

When Piper closes this fall, it will be final. Thank you to everyone that enjoyed Pats labors in making dining on Lake Macatawa an amazing experience.

It would be be overwhelming to list every loyal customer that we ever had, so Ill spare you that. Instead, well mention some of our greatest customers.

Harry & Jane Budde
Kevin & Yvonne Compagner
Laurie & Randy Bezile
Bill & Gina Manifold
Ken & Nancy Haveman
MaryJo & Bill Wiswedel
Cathy DeVelder
Paul Eshenaur
Ward Dobbin
Debbie & Scott Miller
John & Pat Dykstra
Urs & Martha Waldvogel
Dory & Tom Sligh
Laurie, Bob, & Lisa Hungerink
David & Julie Hedges
Malcolm & Barb McDonald
Michael Watson & Family
Greg & Sandy Alspach
Ralph Siddell
Bill Johnson
Carolyn & Friz Huebner

For those who fell short of the list, please know that you did not fall short in our hearts. We appreciated every order and every word of praise that you all wrote on our comment cards.

*We will especially miss all the reservations requesting a window seat.

Just Having a Party

Our photo archive collection confirms that there are a lot of people, that had a lot of fun at Piper over the years. And if youve ever participated in a banquet here you probably have pictures that say the same thing.
new_year_staffWeve had  fun dressing up for the various holidays. From the gory makeup of Halloween to the festive Christmas and New Years.

Over the last 30 years, weve held over a thousand wedding receptions and rehearsal dinners, plus over a thousand other events.  Weve had live music, art classes, and all sorts of activities, and we had fun doing it all. Thank you for having fun with us.

Gift Card Redemption

If we caught you off guard and you still have a gift card with a balance on it, we will take care of you.

If your gift card is less than 5 years old, just mail it to us, along with your name and address, and we will refund the total to you.

All cards that you are hoping to cash in must be received by Oct 31, 2015.Gift_Card_Image

Mail cards to:

Piper Restaurant

P.O. Box 6 

Macatawa, MI 49434


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