It has been our pleasure to be your pleasure.

As we go, we would like to leave you with two of your favorite dishes, preserved best without refrigeration, just as the recipe. Enjoy making them for yourself, as much as we enjoyed making them in our kitchen for you. Now its your turn to be the Piper.

Piper Gumbo


1Cup          Butterpiper gumbo

1.5 Cups    Flour, all purpose

.5 Cup        Flour, reserve

Melt butter in an iron pan or sauté pan over medium heat. Whip in flour until mixture is smooth. Continue cooking and stirring frequently until mixture begins to brown. Reduce heat and continue cooking and stirring until mixture turns a chestnut color and oil begins to separate. Remove from heat and blend in reserved flour until smooth. Let stand 10 minutes before adding to liquid. (Caution adding hot roux to liquid is dangerous)

6 ea.          Celery ribs, diced

2 ea.          Green peppers, diced

1 ea.          Yellow onion, diced

3 Tbs.        Garlic, chopped

30 oz.        Can, chopped tomatoes, reserve juice

1.5 lb.        Gulf shrimp, chopped

1.5 lb.        Andouille sausage, diced

4 leaves    Chard greens, wash, small chop, par-boil

Cook vegetables in a large soup pot over high heat sweating until tender. Add shrimp and andouille, cooking until shrimp starts to take on color then add reserved tomato juice, greens, seasoning and stock: heat to 165º


3 Tbs.         Sweet paprika

1 Tbs.         Blackening spice

.5 tsp.         Black pepper

2 tsp.          Dry oregano

1.5 Tbs.      Dry basil

2 tsp.          Dry thyme

1.5 Tbs.      Granulated garlic

2 tsp.          Onion powder

2Tbs.          Kosher Salt


Add reserved roux cook to thicken then add hot stock:


1 gal.          Clam or shrimp broth

2 Tbs.         Gumbo file powder

2 Tsp.         Tabasco sauce


Adjust seasoning to taste serve with white rice if you like


Piper Flan

yield 8-6oz. portionRum Vanilla Caramel Flan

8 6oz ceramic ramekins

1 high sided baking dish (big enough to hold cups)

Hot water for baking dish - water bath

Oven Preheat to 275°F


2 cup              Heavy cream

1 ¾ cup         Half & half

1 cup              Sugar

12 ea.             Egg yolks

½ cup             Dark rum

½ ea.              Vanilla bean, scraped

1 ½ tsp.         Pure vanilla extract


In large saucepan heat vanilla extract, vanilla, half & half, and heavy cream to 165°f. While cream is heating whip yolks with sugar and rum. Temper yolks with hot cream, strain, fill ramekins and place in baking dish filled with hot water (water bath). Bake at 275°f for 60 minutes. Remove from water bath and cool.


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